We have been making India Cooler for the past 25 years. Our constant developments towards better cooling and product refinement have resulted in birth of technologically advanced Air Coolers.

Aspira cooling products are designed to meet the specific cooling requirements for every need. Our legacy of 25 years of cooling expertise is amalgamation of environmentally friendly and strong built coolers which keep your space cool, clean and hygenic.

Over these years, our products have earned a reputation that has a unique combination of quality, value, trust and reliability. They have become instant bestseller owing to their customer centric, performance based and efficient designs. The company has embarked on a journey of Innovation that improved on technology focusing on the ideals of customer satisfaction. With its introduction into the domestic market, Aspira implemented unique concept of manufacturing technology to produce high end products that reflected the high standards of quality of the company. Running hand-in-hand with production was an ideology driven by a commitment to be a responsible industrial entity in addressing environmental concerns. Aspira products featured non-carbon emitting devices that did not contribute to the increasing harmful carbon emissions of most industrial products today. Thus, an Aspira product isn’t just an eco-friendly device, it is also a healthy product for the consumer where no chemical toxins are released or used in their working process. 

Industry is not only governed by its manner of production after sales services and customer relationship is of prime importance towards improving the goodwill of a company. Aspira recognizes this aspect of business which is reflected in the reliability of its products and services.  Not only is an Aspira product cost effective device but it also features excellent after sales services to ensure a customer is satisfied in every aspect from production of quality products to maintenance. Once a customer has purchased an Aspira product, he can be assured of the full support of Aspira ideals justifying the term “Satisfaction Guaranteed”.

The company is a part of one of the most respected brand in cooler industry Homepride. We have achieved appreciation by our customers by staying true to the basic principles on which our mother company was founded. We take pride in the fact that we maintain a professional work team made up of competent professionals who are always willing to give their best services that they can provide. Consistency, quality, reliability, honesty and commitment characterize our operations.
By exploring the markets, we have developed a wide range of attractive models which are detailed further.